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Birgit Biedermann

Notary, Attorney-at-law,
Specialised Lawyer for Inheritance Law (SAV – Swiss Bar Association)

Birgit Biedermann has many years of experience as a self-employed lawyer and notary public. She advises Swiss and foreign private clients and entrepreneurs in their estate and succession planning. It supports private clients, executives and entrepreneurs with company foundations and restructurings. She advises private individuals in relation to family and property law as well as on adult protection concerns.

As a notary public, she notarises the jointly elaborated planning results. In addition, she represents private clients in family law and inheritance disputes before Swiss courts and authorities.

Professional Experience

  • Attorney-at-law since 1995
  • Bernese notary public since 1998

Education and Training

  • Diploma as Specialised Lawyer for Inheritance Law (Swiss Bar Association 2007)
  • Processes at the Round Table: The Art of Negotiation (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
  • Introduction to Mediation (Swiss Peace Foundation, Institute for Conflict Resolution)
  • Accreditation as Bernese notary public (1998)
  • Study of Law, University of Bern, Advocate/Lawyer (1995)

Preferred Fields of Work

  • Inheritance Law
    Certification of inheritance contracts and drafting of wills, advice on advance inheritances, estate planning and administration, inheritance and tax inventories as well as public inventories, execution of wills, performance of divisions of estate, consultation and legal representation in inheritance disputes
  • Marital Law
    Certification of marriage contracts, advice and legal representation during separation and divorce, drafting of cohabitation contracts
  • Property Law
    Real estate conveyancing, drafting of promissory notes, easement agreements, contracts for gifts and assignments, establishment of condominium ownership, building rights
  • Contract Law
    Contract negotiations, arrangements and reviews, legal representation in contract disputes, recovery of claims
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
    Formation and transformation of companies, associations and foundations, drafting of articles of association and organizational regulations, capital increases and decreases, certification of mergers, drafting of share purchase agreements and shareholder agreements, performance of external legal services
  • Civil Procedure Law
    Representation of private individuals in proceedings before courts and authorities, in particular in the areas of national and international inheritance and family disputes (approved for all Swiss courts)

Other Activities


  • Swiss Bar Association / Bernese Bar Association
  • Swiss Notary Association / Association of Bernese Notaries
  • Bernese Lawyers Association
  • German-Swiss Lawyers Union
  • Get Diversity


  • Swiss Anwaltsrevue 10/2016: Gerichtliche Durchsetzung von Auskunftsansprüchen im Vorfeld des erbrechtlichen Hauptprozesses zur Klärung von Prozessaussichten
    [Swiss lawyers’ magazine 10/2016: Judicial enforcement of information titles in advance of the main proceedings in inheritance matters for the clarification of process prospects]