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Jürg Wernli

Attorney-at-law, LL.M.

Jürg Wernli has been a self-employed lawyer for 30 years. He advises companies as well as private individuals mainly in the fields of economic criminal law as well as debt collection and bankruptcy law, and he represents them before authorities and courts in Switzerland.

With his many years of professional experience, Jürg Wernli also supports clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, especially in the areas of the sale of goods law, the landlord and tenant law and labour law, as well as with debt collection and the compulsory enforcement of judgments.

He is responsible for the contents of the “Law” education and training course for aspiring tax experts and tax experts at the EXPERTsuisse.

Professional Experience

  • Self-employed attorney-at-law since 1987

Education and Training

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Criminal Trial Law, University St. Gallen/University Fribourg (2013)
  • LL.M. in International Economic Law, specialities Contract Law/ Arbitral Jurisdiction, University Zürich (1998)
  • Studied law at the University Berne; Advocate (Attorney-at-law) (1986)

Preferred Fields of Work

  • Criminal Law
    Criminal proceedings, mainly with economic context
    International mutual legal assistance
  • Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Law
    Enforcement and warding off claims, planning and execution of estate and bankruptcy proceedings, activity as examination commissioner and liquidator by order of the Swiss financial market authority FINMA, special liquidations
  • Contract Law
    Contract negotiations, contract creation and contract evaluation, mainly in the areas of the sale of goods law, contract for work law, landlord and tenant law, and labour law
  • Litigation
    Representation of individuals and entities in proceedings before courts and public authorities, in particular in the areas of criminal law, debt collection and bankruptcy law, and obligations law

Other Activities

  • Module leader for Law at the EXPERTsuisse AG, for the education and training of tax experts
  • Mandatary on behalf of the bankruptcy office in more than 20 liquidation and estate proceedings, examination commissioner and liquidator by order of the Swiss financial market authority FINMA in more than 15 liquidations concerning special legislation


  • Swiss Lawyers Association / Bernese Lawyers Association
  • International Bar Association (IBA)
  • Swiss SchKG Association
  • Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage
  • Swiss Criminological Society