Notarial Services

  • Attestations and certifications of signatures, statements or documents for use in the home country and abroad
  • Marriage law (documentation of marriage contracts)
  • Inheritance law (certification of tax, inheritance and public inventories, certification of contracts of inheritance and wills, as well as their opening, issuance of certificates of inheritance)
  • Commercial and company law (certification of establishments of companies and foundations, capital increases and decreases, transformations of legal form(s), mergers and divisions, certification of guarantees)
  • Property law - certification of agreements on the transfer of property (sale, swap, purchase right contracts), erection of as well as increases and conversions of promissory notes, easement agreements (for example, construction law, housing law, usufruct, right to build closer to the boundary, boundary building right, right of way, right of pedestrian passage, right of passage with a vehicle, etc., gift and assignment contracts, establishment of condominium ownership, parcelling and combining of real estate properties, contracts for the provision of pre-emptive or purchase rights)
  • Adult protection law (certification of health care proxies)

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